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  在SAT的考纲中有一类问题考察Frequently Confused Words,被我们称之为易混词。所谓易混词就是长得很像的单词,使用的时候经常混淆。大家需要注意,在测试易混词的时候,主要测试的是外国人经常混淆的,而不是中国人经常混淆的。



  affect / effect / effort

  A) In an __________ to avoid any bodily harm, Thomas quickly dove under his desk, and covered the back of his neck with his hands and arms.

  B) Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can have detrimental __________ on human skin.

  C) In the United States, a high school student’s cumulative GPA greatly __________ his or her chances of being admitted to a reputable university.

  all ready / already

  A) When asked to make a public apology for his disrespectful comment, the president-elect refused to comply, claiming that he had __________ made amends for his mistake on multiple occasions.

  B) __________ for “family fun day” at the beach, Renee pushed her husband and three children to get their stuff together and to be hasty about it.

  brake / break

  A) Stacey felt uneasy about leaving her car in the dark alley; She had it in her head that someone would __________ into her car and steal her valuables.

  B) The mechanic estimated that it would take her one full workday—about 8 hours—to fix the recreational vehicle’s __________.

  course / coarse

  A) Lydia’s advisor explained to her that although the __________ would be difficult, it would also be extremely rewarding.

  B) A shark’s skin is comparable to sand paper: it is __________ to the touch.

  here / hear

  A) Amber couldn’t believe what she was __________. She just couldn’t accept that her dad wasn’t coming home for the holiday.

  B) “Where are you? When are you going to get __________?!” Erik yelled angrily into his phone.

  whole / hole

  A) Derek refused to look into the __________; he kept imagining a ghost or some hideous creature staring back at him from the other side of the wall.

  B) Jennifer Lawrence performed flawlessly throughout the _________ film.

  it’s / its

  A) On the first day of school, the principal made it clear that “__________ never acceptable to bully or mistreat another student.”

  B) Then, the dragon descended upon the battalion, setting most of __________ attackers ablaze.

  their / there / they’re

  A) It was eerily quiet; __________ wasn’t a creature or living soul in sight.

  B) We’ve looked everywhere for them; __________ not on campus.

  C) __________ noisy, heated argument developed into a physical altercation quickly.

  knew / new

  A) Adele’s __________ song pairs her phenomenal voice with a haunting beat; the song is sure to be a chart topper.

  B) Jamie couldn’t tell his parents the truth. He __________ for a fact that they would be extremely disappointed in him and possibly even disown him.

  passed / past

  A) The __________ five years have been the best and worst of my life. I’ve hit rock bottom on several occasions, but I’ve also had some of the best experiences of my life in this city.

  B) A stream __________ slowly through the valley year-round, providing a stable source of fresh water to the valley’s inhabitants.









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